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Everybody speaks of crisis today. Our country faced this problem; so did stomatology. We don’t dwell on problems, we don’t ease down; but we advance steadily. Thanks to careful staff selection we managed to create the modern stomatological “Center of Periodontics and Implantation” that satisfies patients’ highest requirements and needs in the region.

We have a well coordinated and qualified team of specialists-stomatologists working according to clearly defined standards of treatment. Joint discussions for planning the multiple treatment  take place in the Center; more complicated cases are discussed at professional councils for making the further treatment strategy. We think it is necessary to take into account several specialists’ opinions to choose the further treatment.

Our staff takes right decisions and doesn’t rest on laurels, we constantly introduce new methods and technologies of the treatment.  Having made an anonymous questioning among our patients we are convinced that work of our specialists satisfies the patients.


The main success factors of the Center are the following:

  • traditions and practice
  • innovations and quality
  • ongoing training the specialists
  • work with safe and high quality materials of foreign companies
  • assuring of infectious safety
  • advertence to patients.

Polite and affable receptionists work in the Center, they know all the information about recent developments and they will answer all your questions.

And the most important thing is that we have a great desire to work in accordance with time requirements!




LLC “Center of Periodontics and Implantation” is a private medical institution that provides a great variety of dental health service to people who suffer from such a frequent disease as periodontal disease.


LLC “Center of Periodontics and Implantation” was founded on the 1st of December, 2004.

At present time it is a successful project and pride of our staff, our specialists solve difficult medical problems at a high level of quality and control.


Stages of development of LLC “Center of Periodontics and Implantation”:


2004 – working out and implementation of the Code of Ethics for the specialists of the Center;

2006 – implementation of the  automated control system «Stomatological Center»;

2007 -  opening of  psychological service;

2008 – purchasing of German tool system for osteoplasty  allowed to  expand indications for  implanting;

2008 –  articulator was purchased;  it helps the doctor to find out  causes and pathogenesis of  dental diseases and to make up  the best treatment plan;

2009 – new building for the Center was constructed.

On the 17th of September, 2009 we obtained a new license for  medical activity, since then we have been providing dental care at address:

Lomonosov avenue, 119/2, Arkhangelsk.

Staff of the Center got wonderful working conditions, our patients got comfort.

2010 – a lot of personal programs of stomatopathy prevention and microprosthetics were introduced.

It was necessary to create a dental laboratory with excellent conditions and equipment, so we did  it. Close and constructive cooperation between orthopedists and dental mechanics makes it possible to orient visually in nuances of shape and colour of dental prosthetic constructions, in patients’ requests, to do the work as soon as practicable.

LLC “Center of Periodontics and Implantation” provides highly-skilled assistance to patients. Different specialists working in close contact with each other provide patients medical assistance.

Special attention is paid to the patient and doctor safety during the medical attendance. With this view in the Center there is a sterilization center equipped with latest technology and all the things needed for sterilization of instruments.

LLC “Center of Periodontics and Implantation” is developing constantly. Today among our priorities in developing there are indirect restoration, periodontics, implantation, orthodontics, gnathology.

It took us much time to prepare theoretical and practical basis for transition to a new level of quality: to solve problems of functional diagnostics, to plan a treatment, to grind teeth in periodontal disease and temporomandibular joints and to position dental prosthesis with the help of articulator (device producing all the movements of lower jaw bone).

Foundation stones of success are respectfulness, empathy and advertence to patients, expert work organization and love of the specialists for their work.

The staff is the most important resource. Highly qualified stomatologists (therapists, dental surgeons, prosthodontists and orthodontists) work in the Center. Both young doctors and doctors with great work experience all the time improve their skills at Russian and International seminars and symposia. The Clinic has a lot of international certificates.

Specialists of the Clinic are awarded with certificates of honour and commendations of Arkhangelsk city council and Department of Health of the Arkhangelsk region. L.N. Morozova, the manager, was awarded with the lapel badge “The best in health service”, the dental surgeon A.S. Shekhurin was awarded with the certificate of honour of Arkhangelsk city council for the victory in the city contest “The best doctor 2007”.

Today it is a multi-field clinic with the image of a well-established institution that works at a high level of quality with people who appreciate and respect our doctors’ work.

We hope you will like the Clinic!




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